Legends for ever


Vintage cars are more than just vehicles. They are automotive legends, they tell stories and they inspire our dreams. At our Vintage Car Restoration Workshop we bring all our knowledge and experience to bear in preserving these legends and restoring them as authentically as possible. Using both finest hand crafting skills and state-of-the-art technologies, we make them last for ever.

Originalgetreue Herstellung von Karosserien

Authentic reproduction of car bodies and chassis

In our own workshop, using the highest level of hand craftmanship, we reproduce parts and components that are no longer available. Our car body construction specialists have decades of experience in this very demanding craft. True experts at what they do, they can reproduce any form, no matter how complex, as a faithful replica of the original.
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Patentierter Korrosionsschutz Ro-Dip

Patented anti-corrosion protection

Our patented Oldtimer-Ro-Dip process for vintage cars enables us to safeguard newly restored vintage bodywork against corrosion, providing 100% protection over the car’s entire lifetime. The process combines cathodic dip coating with a special rotation method that allows the coating to penetrate fully into all cavities.
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Wiederherstellung historischer Lacke

Reproduction of historical paints

With the aid of computer-operated measuring devices and drawing on our decades of experience, we determine the perfect colour and paint composition for your vintage car, and carry out the painting work in our own paint shop.

Konservierung mit Ölen und Wachsen

Conservation with oils and waxes

We can also provide lasting protection against rust for an existing car body that does not require full restoration. After a preliminary treatment with dry ice blasting and endoscopic examination, we apply a sealing coat of oils and waxes specially designed for your vintage or classic car. Learn more

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